Landmark dates: Five dates to get to (and through)
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The meet the parents date
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The meet the parents date

The meet the parents date

This is the big one. However old your date is, their Mum and/or Dad will probably be the only people in the world who can still influence him with their opinions so you have to be on your best behaviour.  If you’ve been summoned to meet the parents though, you’re secure in one thing:  your date is serious about you.

Here are our tips for meeting the parents:
Don’t put it off
If you’ve been invited to meet your date’s parents, then there’s no excuse for excuses. Bite the bullet (unless of course you’re planning on giving him the elbow) before they start to assume you’re avoiding them.

Be on your best behaviour
If the date is in their home, be as helpful as possible. It’s much better to be thought of as over helpful rather than lazy. Mind your Ps & Qs and don’t tell rude stories about your date.
Do your research
Getting the basic facts on the parents will help you both earn brownie points and, in some more extreme cases, avoid putting your foot in it.

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