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The home-made date
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The home-made date

The home-made date

Meeting up in various bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks will only do for so long; at some point one of you has to offer a home cooked dinner. For the person offering it’s their way of saying ‘I’m getting really comfortable with you, and I’m ready to invite you into my world.’ 

If you’re doing the inviting, and you’re planning a nice meal, follow the Come Dine With Me rule: never make anything you’ve not made before. Stick to tried and trusted recipes if you want to keep calm and collected.

Also, make sure you’ve got something in mind for after dinner. That can be anything from popping to your local for a drink to a flirty game of Scrabble.
If you’re the guest, only accept if you’re comfortable. Also, we don’t want to sound too much like your Mum but tell a friend where you’re going just to be sure. Otherwise, offer to bring pudding, turn up with a bottle of wine and enjoy the feeling of getting even closer to your date!

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