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Keeping love alive

How to spice up your relationship

Stuck in a rut? It's time to step away from the same old, same old and shake up your love and sex life...

How to deal with arguments in your relationship

Everyone argues, but if you're worried about the arguments in your relationship, Relate expert Barbara Bloomfield is here to help.

How to keep the love alive in your relationship

Any couple has its ups and downs but knowing the tricks and tips to keeping going in your relationship can come in handy to keep it on track.

What kind of lover are you?

Everyone's different in the bedroom... Find out your sex personality with our quiz.

The art of the flirty text

Lets not fool ourselves...nothing is more agonizing than the flirty text. Exclamation point? Smiley face? Suggestive "xox" ? We've got the answers!

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How to make a long distance relationship work

Long distance relationships aren't always easy. However, a few very simple basics can help you deal with a long distance relationship in the best possible way.

How to make love last

Your heart beats wildly, your eyes sparkle, your hands get clammy and you go all gooey...love at first sight is known to many! But when you meet someone who you instinctively feel...

8 ways to get out of a relationship routine

Stuck in a rut? Here are our top tips to put the spark back in your relationship.

Long distance love

Distant relationships aren't always easy. However, a few very simple basics can help you deal with separation in the best possible way. Here are some tips on making a long distance...