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Is it love or lust? Test yourself!

You're 100% in love

You're 100% in love

You're head over heels
Your relationship is the real thing! The proof: you're virtually inseparable, you love being together and doing things together, and your relationship is becoming more and more stable. It's just as obvious to your family and friends that it's lurve! You truly believe he's The One, which is why you never worry if other women eye him up or approach him. They're wasting their time: you're all that he sees!

Your strong points: You're self-confident, you never doubt your love for each other and you believe in your relationship, because it seems so right and so indestructible. You trust him completely and you know he'd never stray. 

Your weak points: You have a tendency to think that the strength of your feelings is natural and obvious. You don't ever do about-turns and go back on things, and you're not always prepared to make the effort to change or to make concessions.   

Make your love last
You might need to put a bit more spice into your love life, so that you don't take things for granted and get stuck in a rut.
Be a bit more imaginative and surprise him. Love needs work and it constantly re-invents itself in different forms. Don't ever forget it.



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