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Don't terrify...
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Don't terrify...

When you're trying to inject a bit of pizzazz into your relationship, you want to come across as if you're making an extra effort, not as if you've had a personality transplant.

Jumping on him without warning might not quite get the reaction you're after, and you don't want to suggest something new that oversteps his limits.

"The key (as with almost everything in a good relationship) is communication," says Ali. "The trick is to keep it a surprise but not terrify them. Discuss the ‘what’ but not the ‘when’  - the very anticipation will add to the moment too."

Talk about your fantasies so you know what each other will enjoy - but leave it hanging so you can add the element of surprise when you finally bring them to life.

You could tease him with a suggestive text, but don't give away all the details - try something like "Meet me in the bedroom at 8 sharp" or "You choose the time, I'll choose the place..." and keep him guessing.

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