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Go on a date

One of Ali's top tips to add a little spice to your love life is to re-introduce dating in a serious way.

"Introducing ‘date night’ is a really easy way to add a little variety into a flagging relationship," he suggests.

"And by ‘date night’ I don’t just mean ‘dinner.’ Instead, imagine that it’s your first, second or third date all over again or whichever date it was when you hoped to get 'lucky’, then make the same effort all over again, just like the first time."

It's all about making the effort and not taking each other for granted.

When you're set in your ways, you forget the excitement of that initial interaction when you stressed over every text message or goodnight kiss.

You could take it in turns to arrange a date each week, and don't presume that just because you've been together a while you'll always end up in've got to earn that kinda love!

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