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Don't drop hints
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Don't drop hints

So we've already warned you not to push the issue if your guy's a little reluctant to make you his missus, and that includes those, ahem, 'gentle' winks and nudges.

"As far as dropping hints is concerned, this is not a good idea, because it shows that you are trying to control events and this is not attractive," says Alex.

"Instead, remember that actions speak louder than words and show 100% commitment to him in your everyday lives."

If marriage is your end goal, you have to keep in mind that your relationship up to signing on the dotted line is something of a 'test run' for what's to come.

If you're being a little stubborn and controlling now, how's he going to think you'll be once he's committed himself to you forever and ever?

You can easily temper your behaviour to give off 'I love you' signals rather than 'I'll only love you if you marry me' vibes.

"Saying things like 'You are the man of my dreams' is sending a clear signal which is going to be much more exciting to a man that something like 'Do you want to be with me forever?'," counsels Alex.

"The first one appeals to the side of him that likes to feel praised and flattered. The latter might make him feel like you are trying to manipulate him."

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