How to get your boyfriend to pop the question
Show your feminine side
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Show your feminine side

OK, we know what you're thinking, it's not the '50s any more - but hear us out!

Alex suggests that getting in touch with your feminine side can appeal to your guy's masculine side. It shows that the two of you work perfectly together by bringing different strengths to your relationship.

"This does not mean leaving your job and becoming a stay-at-home girlfriend to ensure the house is spick and span and his socks are neatly placed in rows in his bedside drawer," she qualifies.

"This means getting to grasps with the notion of 'polarity', realizing that opposites attract."

As she points out, if you're reading an article about how to get your boyfriend to propose, chances are you're worried about the signals you're sending out!

"Go out and be the most kick-ass, amazing, strong, intelligent businesswoman at the office," Alex advises.

"Then come home and, behind closed doors, just be his woman and refrain from telling him what he could do better, why his SEO strategy isn’t going to work, or how to load the dishwasher."

You want to show that you recognize what he brings to your relationship, and need him in your life.

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