How to get your boyfriend to pop the question
It's a sex thing
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It's a sex thing

There's no skirting the issue: if marriage is on the cards, sex is a big deal.

"In general, women need to feel close to a man before they can progress to having sex with him, whilst men need to have sex with a woman before they can feel close to her," says Alex. "That’s right, thanks, whoever designed this…"

Now, sex might be as important to you as it is to him, but that doesn't mean you're necessarily on the same page when it comes to expectations and boundaries.

"If you go a couple of weeks without doing it because you are exhausted, stressed out at work and just generally in a bad mood, this might not mean much to you, but it probably worries him no end," warns Alex.

He might not know why you're rejecting his sexual advances and could fear that you don't find him attractive or don't think he's up to par in the bedroom. He might also worry that his sex life won't be fulfilling if he's tied down in marriage.

Of course, you shouldn't jump into bed with him every time he snaps his fingers! But you should be aware of the potential confusion in this area, and explain to him clearly why you're not in the mood.

And you could always go for a lingering, passionate kiss to show that you do still have the hots from him, even when you just want to go to bed with a mug of hot chocolate and a paperback!

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