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Lacking respect
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Lacking respect

That's right, he needs a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T too. Just as you wouldn't want to spend your life with someone who doesn't treat you with respect, neither does he.

"A man simply cannot feel truly attracted to a woman if the woman puts him down," warns Alex.

"If you find yourself telling him what he should wear, what haircut he should get, pointing out that his exit on the motorway is coming up ... you are practically begging him to become more distant."

Now, we don't mean you should let him off the hook if he's not pulling his weight with the housework, consulting you on joint decisions, or doing anything else that annoys you.

But rather than nagging and bringing him down, try to address everyday issues with a calm discussion, and let him know you appreciate his efforts.

"When men feel disrespected, they withdraw; when they feel admired, they step up to the plate," Alex summarizes.

If you truly respect him, let him know. And if you know in your heart of hearts you don't, well, there's no hiding it.

He'll be able to pick up on your body language and general demeanour, and a lack of mutual respect is not going to make for a great relationship.

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