How to get your boyfriend to pop the question
Why do I want it, but he doesn't?
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Why do I want it, but he doesn't?

Doesn't it always seem that women want marriage more, and earlier, than men do? Well Alex says this is because they often do!

So why are men a little slow on the uptake? Alex suggests it might be due in part to the changing roles of men and women in society.

"Simple!" she says. "Men are terrified of women today. We have changed. We are no longer that softly spoken, compliant, obliging Damsel in Distress they used to be able to rescue hundreds of years ago. We are now successful strong women with a mind and career of our own, and this, as far as relationships is concerned, spells TROUBLE."

Alex explains that many men are confused by our independence; it makes their role in a relationship - and a marriage - less clear. "A man's masculine instinct is to protect us, yet we are screaming out 'we don't need protecting,' and men are getting rather confused," she explains.

But wait a minute - don't throw away those equal rights just yet... 

It's not about being a traditional housewife and greeting him with warm slippers and dinner on the table when he comes home from work - it's about letting him know that you do need him and feel that you belong with him.

"What’s important to him is to feel like your Knight in Shining Armour," Alex says. "Then he will want to commit forever."

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