How to break up with someone you love: Do's and don'ts
Break up stories
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Break up stories

Break up stories 

When it comes to the worst break up ever, we've all got stories, from that devastating text message "U R Dumped" to spineless phasing out, there are plenty of ways that we just don't want to be dumped - so don't make the same mistakes when it's you that's doing the dumping.

We've heard all sorts of shocker break-up stories, like one wewomen reader who was dumped on a post it note on the fridge - perfectly positioned for post break-up comfort eating - simply saying: "It's not working out. I've taken the dog."


As is the middle of the night 'dump-and-go' stunt pulled on another wewomen reader where her boyf woke her up to say things were over. She had to spend the rest of the night in her car. 

It's nightmare break-ups like these that make us want to break up with someone with class and dignity for both parties (that is, unless he has been a prize idiot).

So from sharing the wrong way to break up with someone we've compiled the do's and don'ts so your break up can have in-built damage control - and make you look like the better party (which is always important when it comes to the art of dumping).

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