How to break up with someone you love: Do's and don'ts
The art of dumping
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The art of dumping

Email my heart

Break up don't: Email him that it's over. 

Email has got to be one of the worst ways to break up with someone. It's impersonal, it's cold, and worst of all you don't know when he has received his official relationship P45. 

Clara, 28, broke up with her ex by email; "I just couldn't face breaking up with him face to face in case he won me over and convinced me to stay with him. Sending him an email with all my feelings about our relationship allowed me to get everything out of my system but he didn't receive it for days and when he did he exploded with a barrage of nasty replies". 

Break up do: Email yourself

No matter how hard it is to tell him face to face, talking through your feelings with him and allowing him the chance to respond is a much better way to break up. And much less cowardly. 

If it helps, write down everything then send the email to yourself to remind you why you're doing this and get your thoughts in order for when you go through with your dumping, in person. 

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