How to break up with someone you love: Do's and don'ts
You're dumped: Ten worst ways to dump someone
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You're dumped: Ten worst ways to dump someone

Phone fail

Break up don't: Call him for the last time

Becci, 30, broke up with her man on the phone. She says: "I'd heard he'd been disrespecting me on a lads weekend away and didn't think he deserved the respect of a face to face break-up so I called him to tell him we were through.

He made me into the evil one 'cause I did it on the phone rather than to his face. I was reacting impulsively. It was the last time I spoke to him which now I think is kinda sad."

Break up do: Talk it through 

It's good to talk. It really is. But breaking up on the phone means you can't see each other which takes out that whole extra connection you get when you're face to face.

Discussing your problems or telling him that things aren't going well is the best way to prepare him for a face to face conversation (in person, not Skype) where you draw a line under your status as girlfriend and boyfriend. 

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