How to break up with someone you love: Do's and don'ts
You're dumped: Ten worst ways to dump someone
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You're dumped: Ten worst ways to dump someone

Mean it

Break up don't: Be a nasty girl 

If you're being mean to him it means you are well on the way to dumpsville. But rejecting someone by making nasty comments or undermining them is just not cool.

Stephanie, 32, was at the receiving end of the prolonged brush off. "Dan stopped being nice to me, told me he wasn't attracted to me and put me down in front of our friends. I knew it was a cowardly tactic to try and make me break up with him so he didn't have to."

It's not good manners to try and make him go away by snidey put-downs and sex refusal. Don't be a meanie. Trying to make him break up with you so you don't have to is kinda unfair. 

Break up do: Grow a pair 

Yep. If you're not feeling it with someone and know it's the end, don't start acting all adolescent. He has feelings you know! Take matters into your own hands and have that break up talk like adults.

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