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How Facebook is killing romance

Advice on dating and social networking sites


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You can still be friends online and you can still let someone know you have a blog. But in a social networking world where we feel the need to document every bit of our lives, it's nice to keep a little bit back, isn't it? I'd even say that it makes things even more special sometimes. And really, do you want to be one of those couples that use their status updates to tell their other half that they “really really really wuvvy duv them”? No one likes those couples. And then you've got that 'in a relationship' status update to deal with as well (and the announcement to the world that you're over if it doesn't work out). Do you really want to have to think about that before you're ready? Just because the online world wants to rush ahead of itself, that doesn't mean you have to.

Just be a bit savvy about your social networking. Ask yourself how much you would like to know about someone. If you haven't introduced the man in your life to your friends, do you want him meeting them online? If you're not at the 'wanting to know everything about each other's lives' stage in your relationship, don't force it. It'll happen. Have a chat before pressing the 'ignore' button so he doesn't feel cut out. Then just enjoy getting to know one another on your own terms, and in your own time. That's the exciting bit isn't it? Conversation will always beat Twitter. Because if you're face to face, there's more chance of doing some kissing.

Sian Meades


Sian Meades
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