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How Facebook is killing romance

Social networking and romance: Twitter



Twitter is the worst culprit for killing the romance. Everything you write on Twitter is a throwaway comment. Some of it might be quite funny, but the whole point of it is that you don't really think about what you're saying. It's a continual conversation with your friends and contacts. Why on earth would you want someone you're dating to read all that and seeing every aspect of your personality? Your barriers are different when you talk online to your friends. Dating more than one guy at once? It's practically impossible to do if you're online.

As a professional blogger, I'm perhaps known for spilling my life onto my personal blog. That's what it's there for, right? No. I draw the line at blogging about the people I'm dating and maybe you should too. It's pretty rude for a start, especially if you're not upfront about it. And if you're annoyed at your partner, shouldn't you be telling them how you feel before you blog about it? Of course, when you're married, the rules bend slightly, but even on a personal blog, there are still some things that should stay private. Personal and private are two very different things. Talking about what he bought you for your birthday is fine. Talking about the fantastic sex you had afterwards is not.


Sian Meades
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