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Your stories: He wants kids...I don't
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Refusal to have children


Our psychotherapisty says:
Ailish is suffering from a double inferiority-superiority complex. Inferiority, because she's convinced herself she'd be incapable of bringing up a child the way she'd want a child to be. Superiority, because she thinks she's more intelligent and lucid than other people. She "doesn't like kids" because she's afraid that a child could be akin to a failure for her, and she isn't prepared to take that risk. And I also think she's afraid she wouldn't be able to stop a child from becoming the centre of her universe, despite what she says! 

Our sociologist says:
This reaction is much more common than we might think. It has a lot to do with bucking the system (wanting and having children are social norms). Her reluctance to have children is also symptomatic of the society we live in, in which hope has given way to cynicism: some people simply don't want to bring a child into today's world. 


Sarah Horrocks
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