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Your stories: He wants kids...I don't
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Our expert on careers and children


Our psychotherapist says:
I'm impressed by Chloe's strength of character, and not just her ambition but the way she assumes it. She's right to wait: her husband has to understand and should love her for her decision. If she has a baby and her career suffers because of it, she'd resent the baby and her husband for it. And I don't think Chloe would want any child of hers to want for anything, as she did when she was younger. Before making the decision to have children, Chloe will want to be sure she can provide for them. But she shouldn't forget that love is the most important thing kids need.   

Our sociologist says: 
It's ironic that the price women pay for equality in the work place is that they have to sacrifice more to have children. This is why more and more women are ready to put their career first, harking back to feminism. At the same time, it works against them if they do want a family.


Sarah Horrocks
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