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The pros

The pros

1. Renewed self-confidence
Feeling wanted again makes you feel gorgeous and makes you want to stay that way. You take more care of yourself and it shows! And all of the men in your life will appreciate it...

2. A better sex life 
There are no barriers, no familiar looks and no worries - it's all about seeking maximum thrills. You go to different places, have sex in a hurry and try out new positions. Anything goes, you can let yourself go and improve your sex life. 

3. A bit of spice
Having a brief liaison spices up the daily grind. It awakens your sense of humour and imagination (you have to think of new places to go, dream up games you can play together, etc). There's no question of getting bored. 

4. Rebellion 
The thrill of excitement when you think about what other people would think if they knew what you've been up to: your daughter's friends' angelic mums, your stuffed shirt boss or your cool girlfriend who probably haven't had a good seeing-to in months. Being a bit rebellious can be fun.  

5. Keeping secrets
You keep your lover locked away like a hidden treasure. He's your secret and no-one else knows about it, which is a definite plus. So when you're sat there grinning to yourself on the bus, in the shower or at the canteen no-one knows why...but all of a sudden they do start saying you look 15 years younger!
6. Starting over
Nothing is set in stone and you can't get into a rut because no two encounters are the same. It's a totally different experience to the daily grind: you arrange when you meet and you only see each other for sex. Right from the beginning, it's all about the chemistry and nothing else. It almost makes you feel like you're discovering the pleasures of sex for the first time.

7. The novelty
His skin, smell, gestures, body and conversation are all different to what you're used to. It's all unknown, strange, exotic territory. It promises change and awakens the minx lying dormant in you!  

8. Facing up to relationship problems
A little (or a long) liaison with someone else can sometimes make you face up to the problems and weaknesses in your relationship. Then if you decide you both want to sort your situation out, go for relationship counselling together or just talk things through with him. 


Sarah Horrocks
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