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To feel wanted

To feel wanted

So it was all romance at the beginning, but after a certain amount of time together many women feel as if their partner wouldn't notice if they dyed their hair green. He talks to you as if you were one of his mates, and you pretend not to notice him looking at other women. Basically, you feel like screaming "I'm here! I exist!" at the top of your voice. And the more indifferent he is, the more susceptible you are to the charms of the fit guy at work who drools visibly over you when you walk in to the office in a short skirt...

The attention flatters and reassures you and makes you feel sexy again. You surprise yourself by taking time over your appearance so that you look good for work. You find ways of getting him on his own. And then one day, you give in to temptation.

There are people who believe that a little digression has positive effects on a relationship. Because the woman feels wanted again, she starts taking more care over her appearance to get what she wants. After not noticing her for months, her partner then starts to see her differently and want her again. All the same, it's a shame to have to resort to adultery to make him notice you and to make sure he still loves you.


Sarah Horrocks
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