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Getting over a break up - 5 steps to getting over a break up
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Rachel, 27

"After our break-up, I wanted to console myself in other men's arms, but it was when I was alone that I made progress.

"It's thanks to these one-on-ones with myself that I had my breakthrough: when he left, I kept asking myself whether he loved me or not. Now the question is: did I like the way he loved me? and the answer is no.

"I've been single for almost a year now and I feel like I can choose my own fate.

"I can live alone, and I don't 'need' anyone. I'm also more conected to my emotions."

Expert opinion

"In the face of suffering, we often feel like we will drown. If the feeling goes away, it's not far gone and the pain will make an ugly scar.

"By confronting solitude we can move forward, and leave our suffering behind.

"Rachel's case is essential. Like she says at the end of her testimony, she learned to live alone and happily.

"This is necessary to be happy in a relationship, so that harmony doesn't become need, but rather happiness together."

How do I get over it?

> Stay careful
It's over, the wound has become a scar. Here comes your first date. Don't throw yourself into the arms of the first guy that comes alone. By all means have fun but just don't get into another relationship too soon.

Now you know what you want and don't want in a man and you can be more selective.

> You feel guilty

Careful; "this happy step is sometimes accompanied by a feeling of irrational guilt about your ex."

Stop asking questions, and just go with it.


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