Falling out of love - what to do when you think it's over
Are you really compatible?
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Are you really compatible?

The next thing to do is something called the 5:1 ratio.

Kuldeep says: "Finding the magic 5:1 ratio is key to saving any relationship. Essentially there should be five really heart felt genuine things that you do in your relationship that make you both feel valued for every one thing you don't do.

It doesn’t have to be big things but it could be if you’re partner is really into his football, rather than sitting there silently waiting for it to finish so you can change the channel, engage and understand why he likes it, why it’s important to him and really try to be interested in something that makes your partner feel happy. And vice versa."

Really notice how you make each other feel valued. If you're being lazy and not going the extra mile recognize it and sort it out.

On the other hand if you've got to this point, tried everything you can to save the relationship and still know that what you once had is gone. 

Kuldeep says: "The other thing when you’re trying to find out if the two of you really click is that you might discover that there are too many areas where you completely disconnect.

That could be a really good and grown up way of realizing that the relationship has run its course."



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