Falling out of love - what to do when you think it's over
Change your attitude
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Change your attitude

Changing your attitude towards your relationship is a bit of a mixture of the last two steps but this is where you ask yourself if you've simply stopped investing in the relationship. Kuldeep says: "All relationships go through cycles, the classic one for any partnership is: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

Forming: This is the easy part, the part where you get together, at this point everything is perfect and you’re still enjoying that honeymoon period.

Storming: This is the power struggle, the stage of the relationship where you assert your own identity - this will happen between 3 months and 9 months into a relationship.

At this point there’s normally an implicit compromise or the relationship will end at around a year, so you find a way of living with each other.

Part of norming is that the magic can go out of the relationship so this is where you’ve consciously got to make the effort to weave each other into each other’s lives so that you are creating a relationship full of chemistry and energy.

This is normally where the problems start and the most high risk time for one or the other person to start to fall out of love. If you can recognize that it is a case of ‘there’s not much investment being invested here’ then you can move to the fourth phase...

Performing: You can see this as the stage where your relationship really starts to flourish and you actually start to use the relationship to make both of you feel really good and happier in other parts of your life."

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