Falling out of love - what to do when you think it's over
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Change yourself

When you get into a relationship a lot of people end up changing themselves, whether consciously or unconsciously, and for many this can be really unsettling. 
Kuldeep says: "Often when you fall out of love with someone you’re really falling out of love with yourself."

If you're no longer feeling happy and content with yourself it's going to be difficult to be able to be open and loving towards another person and it's very easy to get resentful.

Kuldeep says: "A way to get around this is self-reflection – so ask yourself what makes me feel content as a person? When was the last time I really enjoyed my life? What are my other relationships like? What are my social relationships like? What are the relationships with my family like?"

You might find that solving these other areas could fix things.

"Most people these days are able to be physically intimate with someone pretty quickly but find emotional intimacy, being able to be seen for who they really are, quite difficult and tend to push people away." says Kuldeep.

If you can get over these barriers then you might be able to save things. At the same time if things have gone too far and you feel that the person is holding you back, or is the cause of this discontent then it might be time to move on.

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