Falling out of love - what to do when you think it's over
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Are the feelings that you once had for your other half simply not there anymore and are you unsure how to deal with these feelings of doubt?

Relationships will be difficult at some point so you need to work out whether what you're feeling is just the usual relationship slump or whether you are genuinely falling out of love with your other half.

Talk to your friends, talk to your parents if you can, try to gauge their opinion too to see if you've been acting out of the ordinary and ask for their advice and support.

After that the next hurdle you will need to work your way around is whether you want to save the relationship or just call it quits. The best way to do this is to take these three actions. 

Kuldeep suggests: "There's always 3 ways forward. You either change the situation, you change yourself, or you change your attitude to the situation."

So we'll talk you through each step you need to take before taking the plunge, realizing your feelings are for real and the relationship is over. 

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