Eco-friendly Valentine's Day ideas

Eco-friendly Valentine's Day
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Eco-friendly Valentine's Day

Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

Want to show the world how much you care? If so then forget show-bought flowers, mass-produced cards and useless tat this Valentine’s Day!

Plan a more eco-friendly Valentine's Day this year and give gifts that are long lasting, useful and memorable and show your love for our beautiful planet.

The exact origins of Valentine's Day are often disputed, with many variations of his story and traditions.

In the UK and other Western countries, Valentine’s Day has become the traditional day when people express their love for each other by giving gifts and cards.

But all that paper has a big impact on the planet and we think something should be done about it.

So we've prepared a few eco-friendly gifts to make sure that the colour of love this Valentine's Day is Green!

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