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The wedding out factory

The wedding out factory

Best friends and Julie Vincent and Rebecca Hazan had the idea of creating their own divorce party agency. Two years after her own divorce, Rebecca decided to throw a big big picnic party and sent out invites to all her friends to "come and celebrate the beginning of my new single life." 

"My divorce had just come through," says Rebecca. "I didn't want to mark the occasion all alone, so I decided to get all my friends together to show them that I was all right again and that my life was starting over." She even invited some of her ex-step-family along! 

After the success of Rebecca's divorce party, she and Julie founded WOF. "The idea was not to make a profit from something that is a painful experience," Rebecca insists. "We're not trying to say divorce is easy or banal. We're experienced in event management, and we wanted to use our expertise to provide a service for women who want to mark their divorce as a rite of passage.


Sarah Horrocks
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