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Positive, positive attitude, Patricia Delahaie, sociologist

Positive, positive attitude, Patricia Delahaie, sociologist

The success of divorce parties just goes to show that today's society is driven towards happiness: it's as if you're not allowed to drown in self-pity after a failed marriage - or at least not for long...

"We live in a society that pushes us to put a positive angle on everything. We don't have the right to be victims: we have to be winners," according to sociologist and relationship expert Patricia Delahaie. Even when you go through something as heartbreaking as a divorce. 

"Married life has come to be thought of as something of a constraint and a compromise, so we can idealize about breaking up representing freedom regained," our expert says. All the same, with the speed-dating and online dating industries booming, it certainly doesn't seem like today's born-again singletons intend to stay that way for long...



Sarah Horrocks
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