Cougars and toyboys: how and why?
Cougars and toyboys: a solid relationship?
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Cougars and toyboys: a solid relationship?

At first glance, you probably don't think these sorts of relationship have much chance of making it to "long term" status, and you find it hard to believe that Ashton hasn't yet sent Demi back to the operating table, or swapped her for a younger model.

But thinking like that is like treating love with disdain. Real feelings can and do exist between cougars and toyboys!

Sophie Cadalen explains that these relationships aren't necessarily the most fragile: "In a way, being in a relationship is always a challenge: it's the challenge of living with someone who's different to you.

The challenge is bigger still when you don't have the same references, the same friends or the same needs. But unlike "traditional" couples, these couples are often more aware of these difficulties, they're therefore more able to deal with them. The real difficulty lies in dealing with and overcoming other people's judgments."

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