Cougars and toyboys: how and why?
Why do men prefer older women?
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Why do men prefer older women?

Through vindictiveness or irritation, we might be tempted to jump to the conclusion that these young male "cubs" are in need of a second mum but the analysis is more perceptive than that.

According to our relationship specialist, Sophie Cadalen, there are hundreds of reasons why men might be attracted to older women: "Everyone's different of course but for some younger men, older women can be more exciting, more interesting, more reassuring, weaker as well, braver, more romantic... In any case, there's more to it than a simple desire to return to the maternal bosom, even thought that might sometimes be the case."

According to Vincent Grégoire, these young men "are looking for maturity, power, authority and money."

Grégoire thinks that in order to get what they want, these men count on is their youth and seduction skills. "Their goal is to live off the older woman, pure and simple, and to boost their ego while they're at it." He says.

For the cougar woman who was busy burning bras in the 70s but is now dreaming of eternal youth through a combination of money + botox + power + toyboy - the pay off is certainly there! But just as not all young women with older partners are lazy gold diggers the same goes for these boys.

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