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Honey, we need to talk: how to get your point across
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The consequences


His Countdown obsession was starting to get to her - The consequences
His Countdown obsession was starting to get to her

You've just told him he's boring and doesn't want to do anything, so chances are he's not going to be pleased! The way he sees it, you're the cruel one for making him budge when he's exhausted after a busy week at work and wants to chill out. 

A massive row ensues:
You: "You never want to do anything. You've got not interests. You're holding me back!"
Him: "All you have to do is open the door and walk out of it, I'm not stopping you!"
You: "But that's not the point, I want us to do things together"
Conclusion: "Fair enough, but I don't want to go shopping, eat sushi and watch chick flicks."

He storms out — on his own — and your plans for a nice weekend together are left in tatters. 

A better approach


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