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Honey, we need to talk: how to get your point across
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> Wait until you're alone
When it happens, even if all your mates are dying with laughter, act like you don't care. If you're feeling brave, laugh along with them...but whatever you do, don't let your anger show until you're back home.

> Let him know you're serious
Easy now! Throwing your shoes in his face the minute you get through the door is not the way to go. Sit him down quietly, using the old "We need to talk" line. Use a tone of voice that's cold enough to put a bit of fear in him. "You need to be clear: he humiliated you and you won't put up with it. You don't need to pussyfoot around the issue, you need to tell it how it is so it doesn't happen again", says Dr Neuburger.

> Ask him to put himself in your place
If he doesn't understand, emphasize the trust between the two of you: remind him about an embarrassing secret he told you in confidence and ask him how he'd feel if you blurted it out to all of his friends.

> Move on to something else
When he apologizes (which he will), end things there and move on. Showering him with affection is one of the best ways of showing him he's forgiven!


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