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Overcoming commitment phobia
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Overcoming commitment phobia

So here's the secret. The key to helping your man overcome commitment phobia, or to stop being a commitment phobe yourself is...think rationally!

"We have five guiding forces that help us to make relationship decisions," says Lyn.

They're your head, sexual attraction, your gut instinct, your heart and what Lyn calls your 'chi', which is your power and strength.

Commitment phobes tend to base relationship decisions on their heart and sexual attraction. Their heart tells them to avoid pain and their sexual needs also stop them from committing.

But the best way to make relationship choices is to think with your head a.k.a. rationally. It might sound a little unromantic, but if you're a commitment phobe, thinking rationally about your relationship lets you work through your fears.

If you're involved with someone you think is a commitment phobe, you can try helping them to think more rationally. A word of warning: it's hard to help someone overcome commitment phobia if they don't want to.

That shouldn't be a problem though, because as soon as the right guy's met you, we're pretty sure he'll be desperate to work out how to commit and man up!

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