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 - Childless by choice: Special report on women who don't want children
In times gone by a woman's job, and her biggest role in life, was having children, but times - and priorities - have changed. Fewer and fewer of us are starting families. Our careers and personal lives often come before babies, and many of us are choosing to have children later on in life, or - shock, horror - choosing not to have them at all.

Choosing to be childless is a sensitive and often sore subject that remains something of a taboo, yet it's a rising trend spreading through developed countries worldwide.
We take a look at why more and more women are choosing not to have a family: is it just a simple question of work, convenience or freedom? Read the accounts of three young women who don't want children, and see what our sociologist has to say about the trend for childless couples.

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Sarah Horrocks
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