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How to handle his ex girlfriend

The invasive ex

The invasive ex

Case of the invasive ex
She obviously can't let go, and she sticks to him like glue. She's everywhere you go: she's part of the same circle of friends as your boyfriend and she seems to have wormed her way into yours too somehow. You see her every time you go out. She's a nightmare: ten times worse than an interfering mother-in-law, because she tries to come on to him the whole time! She hasn't got the message that it's over and that she means nothing to him, and she's interfering in both your lives. What's more, everyone seems to adore her and harp on on about how lovely she is, which can start to get to you after a while...

Your attitude
You've learned to get along with her, but not because you want to. You avoid speaking to her when you can and when you do, it's always a bit forced. But what really gets to you is the way she's always fluttering her eyelashes at him, and the way he doesn't push her away. When she's sniffing around, you feel like you've got  to keep your eye on him the whole time and you can never leave them alone together. You wouldn't trust the cheeky little leech as far as you could throw her!

How to improve a case of the intrusive ex
It's not easy: he's obviously still fond of her and doesn't see her as a problem, so the best thing to do is play her at her own game, chill out completely and pretend you can't see any problems with them talking to each other (within reason, of course!). BUT he should also put her right in her place if she starts getting out of order, so whilst retaining your cool, calm exterior, make sure he respects your wishes - you're the one he's with and it's you he loves, so make him prove it to you!



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