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Breaking up

Men Pay This Guy To Dump Their Girlfriends...Err What.

Nobody in their right mind enjoys breaking up with someone (except when you're ditching Spencer Matthews). And most of us will do anything to delay having that awkward, heart-breaking...

When to end a relationship: 10 signs it's really over

Breaking up is hard to do. Our guide to the signs it's really over should help you to see if your relationship is just going through a rough patch or if it really is over.

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How to know when a relationship is over

Everything was going great, but now...well, now it's not. Is it time to end things?

How to end a relationship

On the road to Mr. Right, you're bound to come across a few Not Quites. Here's how to let them down as gently as possible...

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When your other half starts eyeing up a pretty girl in the street, you automatically feel an attack of the old green-eyed monster coming on. It this a normal reaction? How can...

Dealing with a break-up

Conflict in your relationship? Lost that loving feeling, or suffering from a lack of communication? Sometimes there is no other solution than to go your separate ways. No one wins...