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Breaking up and moving on
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Commitment phobia

Commitment phobia

Everything was going so well: you'd met the parents, got engaged, planned to get married, have seven kids and live happily ever after… then you decidec he was getting on your nerves, you had a go at him and annoyed him, it all spiralled out of control and a split started to seem inevitable. You think you were the one who triggered it.

Questions you need to ask yourself  
At what point did he start to get on my nerves? 
Why didn't I make the effort to sort out the rows?
Am I afraid of commitment to him or to anyone? 
Did I get together with him too soon after a nasty break-up? 

What you can learn from it
Your fear of committing and investing yourself in a relationship at the crucial moment could be down to a fear of failure. If you're lacking self-confidence, you might have problems stating what you want and you have to submit to his decisions all the time. Or maybe you've simply listened to your heart and concluded he's just not The One, in which case it's best for both of you not to waste any more of your time in a relationship that's not what you want deep down.


Sarah Horrocks
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