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Breaking up and moving on: coping with a break-up

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 - Breaking up and moving on: coping with a break-up
Whatever the reason, however 
inevitable the end of a relationship is, breaking up is hard to do. No-one likes to be dumped, no-one likes having to be the one to end it, and getting back on your feet afterwards is never easy...

...Which is why we've compiled a guide to getting over a break-up and moving on, step by step. With help from our psychologist, learn how to deal with anger and disbelief, heal your wounds, move on, live life and love again.

1 Take our quiz to find out if you're coping the right way.
2 Understand why
3 Stages of healing
4 Advice from our psychologist  


with thanks to D. Appourchaux


Sarah Horrocks
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Article Plan Breaking up and moving on

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