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Love yourself

Love yourself

So when you were with Daniel you went along to protests because he was an animal activist, with Paul you spent half your life on the sidelines at motorbike races, and at the minute you're into house music because it's all Jake will listen to… 

Hold on just a minute: just where do you come into the equation? You need to respect yourself, your likes (and dislikes), your interests and wishes. Express and affirm your identity and your personality and you'll triple your chances of finding the right guy who will love you for who you are and complement who you are. 

If you've been going out with the same kind of guy for the past 10 years, be it boring intellectual types or sports-crazy morons without a brain cell in their honed bodies, maybe you've got it into your head that there's only one type for you. It's ovbiously not working, so you might just need to be a bit more adventurous! 

Look elsewhere. What have you got to lose by breaking the cycle of going out with the same guy and ending up miserable?! You might just find you've been looking in the wrong places...


Sarah Horrocks
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