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You're in love with your freedom

You're in love with your freedom

You love being single because it gives you time to do things and develop as a person in every way. You certainly don't envy your friends who seem like old married couples. Sometimes you even laugh at them for being glued to their boyfriends and for staying in their comfort zone so much. You treasure your freedom!

Your strengths: You never get bored of being on your own: sometimes you can be blissfully happy cozying up with a good book and a cup of tea! Maybe you're quite a reflective person who could spend hours meditating, or maybe you're just shy and live in your own little dream world a lot of the time...

Your weaknesses: You don't always find it easy to connect with people and you're not all that into going out - you'd rather see your friends in quieter, more intimate situations. You often turn invites down under the pretext that you'd only be bored or you've got better things to do. 

Advice for you: You love your surroundings, so why not try organizing dinner parties at your place to try and improve your social life in a way you'd enjoy? You never know, you might even end up meeting someone you get along with, who wouldn't threaten your independence...



Profiles: Single and loving it!
Sarah Horrocks
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