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Real-life stories: age-gap couples
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Real-life stories and expert opinion: couples with age gaps


 Dr Youssef Mourtada
Dr Youssef Mourtada
Do you think that
a psychological meaning has to be attributed to a couple with a big age gap?
Yes, I think so. But that doesn't take anything away from these couples! There are phenomena in society that play a role. It's true that male-female equality means that it's acceptable for women to lust after a younger partner. Just like men have done for a long time.

Women nowadays have ways of fighting the signs of aging, although that's not to say that appearance is all that counts, of course. We're talking about love stories after all. When you have a sincere, genuine relationship with someone, material aspects and appearance are irrelevant.
These love stories aren't just about love though...
When two people meet, there are also two psychological stories that meet and fuse together. It's the psychological reality that counts, not the chronological age. A young girl, whose father has left a big impression on her, may find that when she reaches adulthood, she wants to continue this Oedipian relationship with a man the age of her father. A young man may, in the same way, make up for his relationship with his mother by dating an older woman. An older woman may overcome her desire for a child by dating a man the age of her would-be son.

In any case, when it comes to love, things happen for a reason, I'm convinced of it. There are always two minds that meet and complete each other.

Do you think that these sorts of relationship can last the distance?
Yes these relationships can last but they're not simple. Can a young man really picture himself in ten or twenty years with a woman who's twenty years older than him? When he's 40, she'll be 60... It's possible, of course, but other legitimate desires are likely to arise one day. The elder partner should ask themselves how they'll cope with this situation?

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