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Real-life stories: age-gap couples
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Being in love with an older man: the psychiatrist's opinion


 - Being in love with an older man: the psychiatrist's opinion
Dr Youssef Mourtada's opinion:

Melanie's story is a very beautiful one. It's clear that her love is sincere and age is of no concern at all. She even reverses the situation by saying that even if she had been 103, she would have fallen in love in the same way.

However, one can sense that it's the father image that appeals to her in George. A father who is also her boss, her mentor and who, within the relationship, acts like her child! What a wonderful reversal of roles! And what a wonderful position for her to be in. With George and his friends, she's the youngest, the prettiest, and the centre of attention. And alongside a man whom she admires so dearly, she's unlikely to leave him for a younger model... The relationship is therefore perfectly in check.

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