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Going away together? 7 steps to holiday heaven!
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Organising a holiday with your other half


Why? So that you get the most out of your holiday and don't have the hassle of planning your schedule when you arrive (which so often ends to never going anywhere much). Forward planning will also circumvent those dreaded "So, what shall we do today?" conversations that can so easily turn into arguments! 

How? The secret to striking the right balance between too much and too little preparation is to make a rough plan of what you're going to do (explore the place one day, SCUBA dive the next, sunbathe, sightsee, hit the beach, etc) but leave yourself enough flexibility to be able to change your plans if you want to. Sometimes spur-of-the-moment decisions bring the most fun.   

Many couples are so scared they'll run out of things to say to each other on holiday that they cram their time with too many different activities. Don't fall into the trap. "You'll come back exhausted but without having made the most of the space you had to build on your relationship," says our expert. "Don't worry about getting bored. Time spent doing nothing and saying nothing are part and parcel of relaxing on holiday."


Sarah Horrocks
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