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12 Boy Mistakes Every Girl Makes On A Girls' Night Out

Vivian KELLY
by Vivian KELLY Published on March 1, 2015

Ladies, how many times have you gone on a night out and made a complete and utter HOT MESS of yourself? Far too many to count, right? It's time to take a trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of all the man mistakes we've had to LIVE and LEARN. From sleeping with the wrong dude, to getting hot with Mr. So-Not-My-Type, here are 12 boy mistakes girls make on a night out...

1. Inviting bae

First and foremost, NEVER bring your boyfriend out. It's pretty obvious, but all you’ll be asking for is a drunken feud. Whether he thinks you and his friend are getting too close, or somehow, in your drunken mind, you decide he’s not giving you any attention, none of us act the same way when we're with our girls. It's not a good mix. Keep him far, far away, girl.

2. Fashion fears

If you’re thinking of wearing a red lippy but not sure if it suits you, PUT IT ON. If you’re thinking of wearing your new high slit dress but you’re afraid it might be ‘too much’, PUT IT ON. Don’t wimp out because of what others might think. If you feel sexy as hell in it, chances are he’s going to think so, too. (Just make sure you do your make-up sober.)

3. Bye-bye dignity

Swaying side to side and slurring your words in front of the man of your dreams is not only crazy cringe-wrothy, but it's pretty damn embarrassing too. The worst part? There's no way to stop once the alcohol hits your blood stream!

?If you feel like you’ve had a little too much, avoid men at all costs. Especially if they try to tempting you with more.

4. Confessing your love

Nooooo. Not when you’re out! Yes, you might have more confidence, but lets face it, you’re probably BOTH inebriated, which means if you do spill your heart out to him you won’t be able to gauge what he’s really thinking, or, even worse, if he even remember you telling him?

We’re sure the feelings are mutual, but don’t risk the post-night-fear. Keep true feelings for sober times.

5. Sleeping or getting with someone else (for revenge)

Alright ladies, we know what you’re thinking, ‘OMG. He just got with THAT girl in front of me - who does he think he is!?’

Yup, he’s a first class jerk, but don’t bring yourself down to his level! You won’t show him by getting with someone else - you’ll only give him more reason NOT to fancy you, trust us. Walk away with class girl. That's the sweetest revenge.

6. Pulling your best Beyoncé moves (but looking like Miley Cyrus)

What girl doesn’t have their own dance routine for Single Ladies? Us gals love going crazy on the dance floor and busting moves - it's the funnest part of the night, right? HOWEVER, if you see your crush around maybe turn your alter ego down a notch or two - for his sake, mainly. It's too much woman to handle.

7. Ditching your BFF

Leaving your bestie behind for a man is an absolute no-no. Seriously, your bestie is guaranteed to never want to go out with you again if you pull this one. Remember, chicks before dicks!

8. Beer goggle malfunctions

OK, if he’s David Beckham’s double, we might forgive, but if not, expect a regretful morning. Trust, you'll be head smacking when you wake up. How can you avoid getting off with someone you don't actually like? Keep your hot man radar ON.

Warning: Wine may cause radar malfunctions.

9. Accepting free drinks

Of course we want a free drink! But let's face it, gals, it never ends with a ‘thank you and good-bye’ does it? It requires a minimum of 15 minutes small talk and the dilemma of how to let him know that you actually have a boyfriend. This is when your girls come in to save you!

10. Calling your ex

Ah, 'The Drunk Caller'; a classic type of drunk, and one that can never gain back control once lost. On a bad night you might call your ex seventy times to tell him how much you miss him. And what does he get? SWEET SATISFACTION. If you’re a drunk caller/texter do not bring your phone out with you.

11. Drunken rows

How many times has a man spilled beer over your new white dress or stepped on your freshly pedicured feet for you to lash out, Solange style? It happens far too many times. But trust us, it ain’t a good look - especially in front of our male friends. Suck it up and move on; sophistication is key.

12. One too many shots

If possible, AVOID. Shots can lead to possible hospitalisation and black outs. It's the LAST thing any man wants to deal with on a night out.

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by Vivian KELLY