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Stopping breastfeeding

Expressing your milk


It's not all that obvious!

There are several products for gently expressing your milk. According to your needs, opt for a small manual or electric breast pump.

For maximum efficiency, each time that you're able to, place the breast pump on at the same time that you give baby your breast (on the breast that your baby isn't feeding from!).

Milk will flow from both breasts. Follow the user guide and after a few attempts you'll get used to it.

  • wash hands before, plus wash and sterilize the instruments in contact with the skin and milk;
  • sit somewhere calm: no interruption, not too much noise. -turn on the answerphone;
  • if you are struggling, place a hot compress on your breasts before using the breast pump as this will aid milk ejection;
  • softly massage the breasts in small circular clockwise movements, around the areola, then massage from the areola towards the nipple.

For how long can I keep the milk?

At room temperature: 24 hours at 15°C, 10 hours between 19°C and 22°C, 4 to 6 hours at 25°C.

In the fridge: 8 days between 0°C and 4°C.

In the freezer: 2 weeks in the freezer compartment of a fridge and 4 months in the "3 star" compartment of a fridge-freezer.

Always mark the date of freezing on the storage bag/bottle. Reheat slowly in a bain-marie or in a bowl of water (not too hot). Don't use a microwave, as the thermal shock can alter the qualities of the milk. Use the milk on the day it's defrosted and never refreeze it.


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