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Learning to love your body after childbirth

Learning to love your body after childbirth

"The skin on my belly is all stretched, I've got a scar that makes me looks like I've been mutiliated and I still haven't lost my baby weight. I feel so ugly!" says Julie, mum to Thomas.

Like Julie, the majority of young mums don't recognize their bodies after they've given birth. Remind yourself that this is perfectly normal: pregnancy and childbirth are massive shocks for your body. First of all, allow yourself plenty of time to get your body back, especially if you're breastfeeding. Think 9 months of pregnancy and 9 months to get your body back to how it was.

Don't neglect pelvic floor exercises. They're essential as they reduce the risks of incontinence and prolapse (slipping down of the vagina). They're also beneficial to your sex life as they help tighten your vagina (after giving birth, enlarged inner walls, a loose vulva or a half-open vagina are all common).

Read more about these exercises in our guide to pelvic floor muscles.


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