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Putting passion back into a relationship after giving birth

Putting passion back into a relationship after giving birth

"My son is 2 months old now. I'm not breastfeeding anymore and he sleeps in his room every night. But even though my husband and I have got our intimacy back, I don't fancy him like I used to. It worries me to the point where I feel like I'll never want to have sex again," says new mum Sophie.

Like many new mums, Sophie just doesn't feel like making love again, and with good reason. But your passion levels don't disappear for good after you have a baby! Getting your sex life back after giving birth is like waking someone from a long, deep sleep: you have to do it gently.

You mustn't feel pressure or guilt. Of course, you shouldn't deny him the right to lust after for you and your body, but you don't have to revert back to being a rampant sex machine right after giving birth! Put your energy into the emotional relationship you share with him. Rediscover him and let him rediscover you with smiles, eye contact and touch before you take things to the next level.

Recreate your own erotic dictionary, in which penetration is only one step of many. The day will come when you'll want and enjoy full, satisfying sex again.


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