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The mother-baby bond

The mother-baby bond

"Since my daughter was born 3 months ago, I've only had eyes for her. I want to devote all my time to her and have her all to myself, even though my husband complains about it a lot. I still love him but right now I want to give all my time and effort to my baby," says Sally on our forums.

Again, this is very normal. You're experiencing what's known as the mother-baby bond with your little one. Leaving the womb isn't enough to separate two bodies which were united for nine months. Your baby still sees you as one unit, and will only become aware of the reality when he or she is about 8 months old.

Force yourself slowy but surely out of this phase, despite all the joy it brings, in order to give your child the opportunity to become independent, to regain your status as a woman and a lover, and to allow your partner to find his place and not feel excluded.


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