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Sex: paediatrician Aldo Naouri's advice

Sex: paediatrician Aldo Naouri's advice

In his latest work, pediatrician Aldo Naouri contradicts certain ideas that have been held for over thirty years. The subject of sexual desire after childbirth doesn't escape his controversial standpoint.

"It's not insulting for a man to tell a woman, and if necessary by being insistant, that he lusts after her. It's not insulting to convince her that she's ready for intercourse when she's perfectly capable of gaining some pleasure from it herself. On the other hand, it's an ill service, to both of them, to wait until she feels passionate enough to request love-making herself. Until she's happy with her body, it's unlikely that she'll have the slightest urge for physical contact."

Whether it's an honest or provocative opinion, we don't share Dr Naouri's point of view which doesn't take listening to your own desire into account. But he should be merited for highlighting the fact that desire also returns by rediscovering sensations of pleasure that have been suppressed since giving birth.

But when all's said and done, you're the only one who knows when you feel ready.

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